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Hey everyone, welcome to a new episode, today is going to be short and sweet but not to worry! More in-depth videos await you at the end of this week, so don’t miss out on those bad boys.

Today I want to address what’s happening with Coinbase because it is something that its users need to be aware of, and I’m going to end with some great news so don’t you worry my friends.

You may have heard by now that Coinbase has acquired a taste for blockchain analysis. They’ve acquired one company called Neutrino. This company specializes in analyzing transactions that happen on public blockchains and Coinbase has come up with a couple different explanations for their interest in Neutrino. One article I’ve read stated they want to use this company to help them break into international markets by being able to better predict which markets do better where. Another explained how Neutrino will allow Coinbase to offer better security and ensure compliance with regulations.

Regardless of their reasons why, let’s not get confused here. Coinbase is very interested in learning all about the habits and patterns of its users. This kind of information is and will continue to be very valuable to many different entities. I’m not a fool, Coinbase is not the exchange people run to for anonymity. It’s extremely user friendly and it does help new users get a feel for cryptocurrencies. But the fact that they are publicly calling themselves “The Google” of cryptocurrencies makes my skin crawl.

For those who use Coinbase because it offers an easy off ramp from cryptocurrencies to fiat, here comes the good news! You now have another option.
If you’ve been a subscriber to this channel than you know all about the new version that’s recently been released. The thing with this new version is that you can use the integration with Bity to your advantage and withdraw up to $5,000 in Euros or Swiss francs. So I’m going to encourage you to check that one out and see if it can work for you. If you’re wondering how the heck this can work, like how can you really get FIAT without going through KYC requirements, this is the perfect reminder of what companies can offer if they operate in jurisdictions that are crypto friendly.