BlockchainBrad has a detailed crypto catchup with CoinGecko Co-Founder, Bobby Ong. Bobby answers the TOUCH STUFF about Binance’s move to buy CMC and what it means for crypto. In this crypto interview, we focus on Binance’s acquisition of CoinMarketCap. We explore what it means for crypto data aggregator sites & services. CG is now the number 1 independent crypto data aggregator in the world! We also discuss CoinGecko’s work in DeFi, their key developments such as TrustScore and other important data provisions such as derivative data and real volume data. We did have some technical and audio issues in this recording, sorry about that. This interview aims to be informative. Stay tuned.
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00:58 How’s CoinGecko been doing in these tough times?
02:12 About Binance’s acquisition of CMC, the most popular crypto data aggregator site
05:35 What you think is the true value of independence in this situation?
08:44 About CG’s value
09:54 Have you ever considered selling?
12:52 About coin market cap (CMC)
17:17 About the revenue model. Advertisement & revenue models
19:15 About quotes from Twitter and key thought leaders in crypto
21:29 What are you thoughts on BNB being cash?
24:01 more on CMC
26:29 Do you generally see a correlation between your data and CMC data?
28:35 Are you concerned at all about legalities related to CMC?
31:22 About the relationship between Binance and CoinGecko
32:25 About the trust in CMC’s CEO: Given he is so private.
33:50 Comparison between CMC and CoinGecko
36:49 About the fake articles in the media: how much is real in this space?
38:37 About CoinGecko’s twitter: references to comments/retweets
41:20 How CoinGecko is innovating in the DeFi sector
44:08 About the opportunities of Next Gen. finance
45:23 Are there any other new key features/services that CoinCecko offers?
47:24 Reference to FTX and FTT: Talk on Derivatives.
49:41 Do you think that Asia still rules crypto?
51:34 About correlation between DeFi and Ethereum: DeFi more than just Ethereum?
55:09 About Black Thursday: the implications/ramifications
56:37 Final statements
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