Today BlockchainBrad has a FREE crypto interview with CoinGecko Co-Founder, Bobby Ong. We talk about their #crypto data aggregator service and we discuss in detail the #crypto space more generally, particular the value of transparency in the crypto context. We discuss how CoinGecko makes key decision about digital asset ordering and we talk truth about crypto volumes: the good, bad and down right fake. Stay tuned.
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00:40 What is CoinGecko? What does it stands for?
02:10 How can we know the data is accurate?
07:17 About the process you go through to determine the real volume. What is real, what is fake?
10:00 About the top crypto exchanges
15:15 About Coingecko’s depth of transparency & research
18:27 About the performance of alternative startups
21:10 About trust in IEOs, ICOs and the space generally
24:18 How do you go through the process of assessing what goes onboard of you platform? Are you impartial in that respect?
25:27 About the costs involved in running CoinGecko’s platform
27:45 About the nature of the tokens listed: Utility or not?
29:47 Are you pro-regulation?
31:20 About speculations in the crypto market
35:00 About proof of utility and functionality
36:50 About gambling in the space. Are these all gamblers’ bets?
38:25 About the startups in the future with proven value
39:30 About liquidity
41:18 Are you also open up to other prospects outside the utility token model? i.e STOs.
44:18 What’s the vision for Coingecko? The Roadmap.
45:55 Final statement
This interview was entirely, 100% free from both me & BlockVera. In every way, no tokens, no under the table deals. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed openly to the community. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
I have not invested in CoinGecko in any way (if there is a way). This is not Financial Advice. #DYOR always.
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This BlockVera Episode was entirely free. BlockVera is about providing more #Truth, #Trust and #Transparency in the Crypto Space. We will be bringing to you several free and unsponsored pieces of content on the BV platform, however to sustain our presence, we will also be doing some sponsored pieces & interviews too. BlockVera will always disclose sponsored content. This interview is not sponsored in any way.

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