BlockchainBrad speaks with Constellation CEO and Biz Dev about their Blockchain technology designed & ready for revolutionise Big Data. Ben & Benjamin provide detailed information about an infrastructure built for an open decentralized data marketplace and an enterprise grade software solution for data provenance and integrity. It’s secure, cost-effective, scalable, and easy to integrate and they are forging major mainstream partnerships now.
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Constellation is a software infrastructure tool that removes the financial and organisational cost of insecure data pipelines and bad data. It provides a secure and tamper-proof audit trail that simultaneously validates your data, allowing early visibility for data management teams into downstream issues – preventing bad logic across automated systems.

Network & Protocol: Distributed Node Operator groups, Hosting a Range of Validated Datasets
SPORE Platform
A Provisioned Development Platform for Hosting & Monitoring via a Dashboard Interface
The $DAG Token: The Directed Acyclic Graph Crypto that Powers the Robust Network

To build a technological world where truth is apparent, power is fairly distributed and reputation matters.
00:50 About Constellation
02:21 Are you confident that you have that fundamental platform that can do the business side and the commercialization side?
03:31 Are you confident that you are in that race to merge as a significant start-up when it comes scalability, decentralization?
05:09 About permission versus permissionless narrative
06:53 About technological decentralization and distributive networks
08:44 About the role of Constellation in the support of permission narrative
09:55 About showcasing the benefits of Blockchain
14:05 About the true nature of the tokenized models
16:38 How you’ll going to prove value utilising underline technology?
19:00 About the contract with the Airforce
24:31 About why is beneficial for businesses or for the agencies to support technological innovations
27:00 About why the narrative in crypto is been based on speculation, pumping prices, pushing short term thinking
30:02 Are you part of the new wave of narratives?
31:10 Do you think that education is fundamental when it comes to transforming how we colour the hole landscape of crypto?
32:00 What to anticipate from the contract with Airforce?
34:22 About the value of research
36:20 About the ease of integration in the context of example
41:06 Are you still focusing on those with the essential assets
43:20 About the Airforce acknowledging the contract
46: 50 Isn’t the reason to look back at what works in the legacy model and bring that forward more in terms of proof?
50:30 About the pricing model and the profit gear system
52:03 How does burning relay to utility?
53:53 What is you thoughts on reducing supply?
56:00 About seeking to capitalize on trades because of the burn model
57:49 About viability and roadmap
59:16 About the model of revenue in terms on transparency
01:01:47 How are you going to approach the commercialisation strategy?
01:05:08 Do you have significant runway for the longterm?
01:05:50 Are you concern about some of the problems inherit with illegitimate exchanges, with dodgy and shady practices?
01:07:05 Are you confident that there will be more door knocking in exchange of credibility?
01:07:36 About non-crypto exchanging
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