Bitcoin price predictions from various people in crypto and other businessmen

Nouriel Roubini $0
Bill Gates $0
Joe Davis $0
Jamie Dimon $0
Warren Buffett $0
Kenneth Rogoff $100
Peter Schiff $1,000
Max Keiser $28,000
David Drake $30,000
Jeet Singh $50,000
BobbyLee $60,000
Vinny Lingham $100,000 – $1Million
Trace Mayer $115,000
Brian Kelly $200,00
Tim Draper $250,000
Tom Lee $250,000
Cameron Winklevoss $320,000
John Pfeffer $700,000
John McAfee 1,000,000
Adam Back $10,000,000
Hal Finney ??


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Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2020: From Zero to a Million – What do the Experts Think?———
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