Today BlockchainBrad catches up with Crypto Bitlord. This charismatic & controversial crypto character speaks what is on his mind! In a VERY CANDID crypto convo, the Crypto Bitlord talks about the crypto space, his view of utility tokens, XRP, Ripple, FTX, DueDex, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned!
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0:36 The Bitlord Intro
2:18 Bitlord is all about being real; bringing humour to the blockchain
4:12 Crypto Opportunity. Get on Board!
5:44 Altcoins. ‘a lot of it is bullsh#t”
7:50 Altcoin alternatives
9:03 Short term gains in altcoins
10:38 XRP/Ripple. Bitlord’s controversial views.
11:50 Ripple’s responsibility
12:47 XRP Army + Pumping/Dumping, says Bitlord
13:30 “enough is enough” Bitlord speaks up
14:00 Fork You! says bitlord
15:22 BCH, according to Bitlord.
16:58 Centralisation/decentralisation discussion
17:30 elements of centralisation
19:10 XRP Utility/Equity
20:20 XRP Red Flags, as Bitlord sees it.
21:15 Terminological ambiguity
22:04 Why should I hodl XRP?
22:30 what about securities?
24:33 Can equity and utility tokens co-exist?
25:15 ‘Utility tokes are bullsh#t’ says Bitlord
25:50 “show me one utility token what works” asks Bitlord
26: 37 The scapegoat-as-a-token comment
27:16 People taking the p#ss (making a mockery) of crypto
27:43 Crypto Casino today?
28:43 “we don’t need tokens” says Bitlord
28:53 Bitcoin is overhyped, says bitlord.
29:14 Most blockchain tokens don’t need to exist
30:06 Is there a future for Utility tokens?
31:20 Fake or superficial partnerships
36:23 Market Making + influencers shilling
37:08 The Crypto Startup Dance
37:37 Outrageous announcements & the crypto circus
38:19 Low cap coins
39:10 Bitlord’s bags…
40:40 Real Volume
42:13 Some exchanges are dodgy
44:32 Lack of due diligence
46:20 Are people who speak up As#holes?
47:45 you can only be you, do your thing.
48:19 Use humour to question bad actors
49:30 Dodgy exchanges
50:11 Principles & proof matter: the DueDex story
51:22 Bo is solid, says Bitlord
52:30 FTX: Bitlord’s view
54:15 CEO allegations toward another CEO on CT
56:10 legal issues/legal implications of allegations
57:53 Lawsuit: FTX
59:03 FTX questioning DueDex
1:00:00 Market Making and Liquidity Providers
1:01:30 DueDex’s marketing strategy
1:02:00 big products coming for DueDex in 2-3months
1:03:10 PHD in sh#tposting
1:03:40 Credentials matter
1:04:00 Closing statement- thanks for the candid discussion!
1:05:10 check our Bitlord’s twitter at: @Crypto_Bitlord
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