Today, BlockchainBrad has a Bitcoin Deep Dive with David Hsiao. David is the CEO of Block Journal and Black Diamond Group, a full-service blockchain consultancy service. BDG is also the proud owner and operator of Block Journal magazine – the number one blockchain magazine. David is an expert on cryptocurrencies, economics, political commentary, and China.
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Block Journal:
The Block Journal team is composed of analysts, traders and designers deeply rooted in the blockchain industry. We hope to shed some light on what’s going on around the world of blockchain by playing our role in the path towards mass adoption.
They aim to provide news, commentary and information on the blockchain space in an easily understandable manner. The guys at Block Journal believe decentralization, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are only in its infancy and mass adoption is in its near future.
This interview was entirely, 100% FREE for the People! In every way, there were no tokens, no under the table deals. I complete transparency I have done a few (about three) paid tweet-promotions in the past year, which I always disclose with an #ad sign). I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed openly to the community. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
1:00 Introduction
1:20 Big B, Little B
4:38 Key Characteristics of BTC: Pseudonymous & asymmetric
9:45 Light bulb BTC moment
10:50 Blockstream & its effects
12:53 Digital assets and allusion to digital gold
16:30 Utility: What’s the real utility of gold?
19:00 More on Gold. Gold versus BTC
20:00 The Gold Narratives
20:30 BTC: the Battle of belief and Global Belief
21:20 Pros/cons of decentralised digital assets like BTC
22:00 The People’s Coin: The power of belief
24:47 challengers and threats to BTC
28:00 China: their own digital assets and digital currencies
34:04 Stablecoins: risks and power.
34:56 The Huge government coffers and aligned interests
36:51 BTC speculation instrument
37:08 The Crypto Conundrum
39:22 The social value and network effects value of BTC
40:00 BTC Merchants and claim many are gimmicky.
43:18 P2P Digital Cash & Volatility
45:00 Store of Value narrative
46:18 unbanked, hyperinflation developing regions & need for solutions
48:30 G7 Alliance
50:99 Digital Scarcity: pros/cons
52:50 Liquidity & BTC volume
55:00 Pricelessness of financial autonomy
58:01 Technological setbacks of BTC
1:00:11 Speculation versus utility
1:02:00 Wealth Disparity
1:03:00 BTC: a pyramid architecture?
1:07:00 Liquidity is the imperative
1:11:00 Tribalism, Emotional market drivers, stupidity of negative startup terms.
1:27:00 The link between FIAT & BTC
1:33:00 Belief & community are key
1:36:19 Hindrances to BTC and Crypto industry growth
1:38 Thanking Dave for this LONG interview
1:38:50 The future of crypto & BTC
1:40 closing statements.
I have not invested in Black Diamond Group or Block Journal. This is not Financial Advice.
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