Dave, the Crypto Godfather, and BlockchainBrad have a very candid convo (Podcast only) in the BlockVera Crypto Cafe. Dave is the CEO of Block Magazine and he is also an articulate and honest speaker of crypto. Today we leave no stone unturned, talking about crypto controversies, crypto quality, crypto crap, can controversial figures in space. It was a privilege to have the Crypto Godfather on the Podcast as he stopped by the BlockVera Crypto Cafe!


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The Crypto Godfather’s twitter: @CryptoGodfatha
Block Magazine link: blockjournal.io
Block Mag. twitter: https://twitter.com/blockjournal


0:03 Intro
0:27 Godfather Intro & Block Mag. referenced
1:22 Special interviews Dave has done
2:05 Craig Wright Drama
5:36 John McAfee versus Craig Wright
6:08 CZ, Craig Wright and the reaction
8:19 Does Craig go too Far?
9:50 Calling the Bluff. Peter calls it!
11:08 Professional Conduct
12:35 The decision to delist discussion: objective
16:35 The speed of progress from ICO to NOW
20:04 Exchanges: the imperative of time
25:25 IEO is the new ICO
27:03 The injustice of differential access: the hierarchical system of access
30:33 Exchange Due Diligence + Relationships in business
32:05 Push for honesty and truth
33:02 The problems that plague the space
35:02 Influence, Shitfluence, effluence etc.
39:19 What speculators want
39:34 Ian Balina discussion
40:12 Suppoman
44:42 Media platforms and the issue of subjectivity + conflict of interest
45:35 Education + Entertainment. Focus on Block Magazine.
47:10 What is the subscription model and what’s the cost?
52.22 Thanks Dave, the CG, for coming to the Crypto Cafe!


BlockVera aims to provide complete transparency and trust. This was 100% free and neither BlockVera, nor BlockchainBrad received any financial compensation for doing this educational/conversational content; not in fiat, tokens or any form on payment and this can be verified by the guests on the BlockVera shows. At BlockVera we believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed, but this is NOT the BlockVera model. We are working hard to provide you with content that is not tainted with handouts. We truly stand by our motto of Truth, Trust & Transparency.


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