Ledger vs Trezor: Top Leading Crypto Cold Wallet

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For those of you experiencing some technical difficulties trying to access your ledger wallets, listen up, especially if you are trying to access your hardware wallet via portals like myetherwallet.com or mycrypto.com or even tronscan. The latest version of the Chrome browser has broken U2F support for Ledger Hardware wallets. If you have been encountering problems trying to connect to your ledger hardware wallets with the previously mentioned websites and you’ve been using a Google Chrome web browser, this is most likely why. No worries, there is an easy fix, you can use other web browsers like Brave or Opera.
Also, for those who are dedicated to your Chrome browser, until Ledger comes up with a patch for this issue you can make your way onto your Ledger Live app, navigate to the manager tab and install the Fido U2F app. This should help you out in the meantime with connecting your hardware device to other portals in the future. But I’m just going to go ahead and encourage you to check out that Brave browser and all of the privacy perks that come along with it.

Global P2P Marketplace Leader LocalBitcoins Will Be Supervised By Finland’s Financial Authority

Unfortunately it now seems localbitcoins.com is folding under the pressure to require some personal information if you want to purchase bitcoin in Europe. Perhaps folding under pressure is not the right phrase here, actually it seems they are happily complying to new Finnish laws.
No longer can you use this platform to purchase BTC completely anonymously. It looks like now you’ll have to submit an ID and possibly go through a lengthy verification process.
Localbitcoins.com is based in Finland and the new regulations being laid out there are dictating what is needed to participate in that exchange. It seems the exchange itself is happy to comply because for them, this is a signal that crypcurrencies are becoming legitimized. I’ve got my own thoughts on that perspective, but I’ll hold my tongue because I have one more tid bit of information for you! (And it’s good news too)

There is a very popular messaging app that is used all over the world, in fact I’ve used this app myself nearly everyday for the past 5 years and used it to message people in countries like South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Bali, Tahiti, Turkey, the UAE, and of course, Europe. My point is, this thing is global and now WhatsApp is partnering with a wallet company so that soon you can send BTC to your friend by just texting the phrase “Send .001 BTC to Heidi”
I for one think that’s pretty cool, and it’s the perfect example of the kind of ease of use that is needed for cryptocurrencies to see real mainstream adoption. It looks like they are working on implementing Bitcoin wallets first of course, with others to follow I’m sure.