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First up, let’s take a look at PayPie.
This project was launched in October 2017. Basically, PayPie is all about providing businesses with tools that can give them insights into their financial situations and also provide them with a PayPie credit score and line businesses up with invoice buyers so businesses can quickly improve their cash flow. Here’s how it works, as a business owner, you can create an account with PayPie and then import your Enterprise Resource Planning, or accounting software. Your information will then be run through PayPie’s algorithms which will provide analytics and insights as to how your business can be improved. They also have plans to help small and medium sized businesses improve their cashflow issues by connecting these businesses with those who want to purchase their invoices.
So PayPie’s ICO was one of those that raised a lot of money in a short amount of time. Luckily for those who chose to invest in this one, the team behind PayPie decided to commit to this project instead of taking that profit and running.
Three months after the ICO, their Alpha was released at the end of January. Now, a few days ago their beta version was released, along with the announcement of their partnership with Quickbooks. This announcement is pretty big for them as it solidifies their progress. The PayPie website is also saying that they have plans to integrate with Xero, Sage, Freshbooks and Netsuite in the future.

Ok, next up, let’s take a look at the Halo Platform. I spoke a bit about this one last year because it was pretty intriguing with it’s ambitious plans for an all-encompassing crypto-centric platform.
As a quick run through, Halo wants to be a fully customizable platform that provides a wallet, exchange, trading tools, social communication channels, business tools, merchant services and a debit card among other things. In addition to having a masternode system and eventually even a decentralized exchange.
Today, if you want to interact with the Halo platform and blockchain, you’ll need to download their Featherlite. It’s essentially a web browser that has a wallet built in. You’ll be able to mine, trade and communicate with the Halo community through the Featherlite browser.

The Halo team has been putting in work to meet the deadlines set for their roadmap. With an ambitious project like this one, I think it’s healthy to be skeptical of the likelihood for a timely rollout for this large amount of products. That being said, just a quick look at their blog shows they’ve been posting weekly updates of their progress and they seem to be on track for the Mainnet release in May.