Today I catch up with a K-Dub for a crypto convo about Bitcoin, Crypto and P2P Crypto money. It was a candid crypto conversation for sure. As always, it was great to catch up with the Crypto Zombie and chat freely about crypto. Thanks K–Dub for all the work you do to bring crypto to the masses. Education and Information are perhaps the most undervalued assets in this space
03:13 What is money?
06:30 On Store of Value. About Bitcoin’s stored value
11:40 About the volatility and the progression towards stability.
15:20 About the verticals, use case and the utility of Bitcoin
25:00 About how bitcoin works
28:00 About Bitcoin, Volatility and prospects of stability
29:55 About the divisibility and traceability of Bitcoin
36:20 Stablecoins discussion
38:20 About Millennials and their power to effect change.
43:46 Are we moving towards a scenario where people are starting to value their own potential to control their own money policy?
48:00 About the proposal for a people’s coin
51:20 About greed and human condition
57:30 About energy consumption/costs
59:10 About startups pushing for their own monetary policy/systems.
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N/A. K-Dub and I are just catching up for a crypto conversation. There is no financial incentive.
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