Today BlockVera’s BlockchainBrad speaks with Kurt Wuckert Jr. for a detailed #crypto conversation. The interview is highly centred around $BTC and Kurt’s view of both Bitcoin and subsequent iterations/forks that followed, particularly #BSV or #BitcoinSV. Kurt was a 2012 Bitcoiner and he is the proud Co-founder of @CryptoTradersPr. Kurt is also a student, teacher, podcaster and it was great to dig deep on some controversial crypto topics.
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00:46 Where you come from? What brought you into crypto and what’s your position now with your company?
05:13 What draws you to BTC/BSV initially?
08:21 Do you agree that the majority people at the beginning when bitcoin emerged where actually supporting the white paper itself?
12:14 Why is it that the majority at that time advocated for the blocksize increase and in scalability?
15:43 Is it reasonable that people superimposed the functionality that gold has brought to the world on bitcoin? Do you think that they are directly correlated?
18:00 About the guarantee of the bitcoin
20:29 Does bitcoin have the technological capacity to function as a global currency?
22:20 About the power of ownership of bitcoin
25:30 About the everyday scenario of bitcoin use
27:33 What is the true utility of BSV now?
31:20 About the worldwide support for bitcoin
33:32 Do we underestimate the power of social media tor really be the core asset of BTC itself?
34:53 Is it possible that people start to switch on their own power to really better decide for their own investments?
36:33 About the narratives, networks and brands superseding the technology
38:31 About the value of believe in bitcoin and the pyramid schemes
41:11 How can one benefit from a million dollar bitcoin?
44:18 About the Bitcoin narrative and changing the whole world
47:03 Does it concern you that the stable coins are potentially leading into a much more top jam control?
50:13 About global trust of bitcoin
54:06 How are going to scale to achieve the outcome that your BSV camp want to do?
59:27 What’s your position when someone comes back to you in a debate and says you’re the same as the others?
01:04:25 How is Craig’s view different to Libra?
01:06:05 Is it fair to say that the transition from sound money moves into the sound valorisation of data?
01:07:39 About the comparison with mainstream markets and the assets there
01:12: 38 About the tech developments
01:21:21 Isn’t this reason enough to have a proof of work model? Is this model sustainable the more it grows?
01:23:45 About the Craig Wright legal battle
01:33:47 About Craig. Is he trying to challenge BTC
01:36:30 Do we underestimate the power of youth?
01:38:50 What’s the biggest challenge for you?
01:43:50 What’s your agenda?
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