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It’s been far too long since I’ve covered anything to do with Dash and after coming across an article explaining Dash’s free conferences in Venezuela I wanted to do what I could to give this more exposure.
Cryptocurrency changed my life, and I certainly don’t come from a country where the average monthly salary is now hovering around the $20-30 range. So I wanted to take the time to bring this project of theirs to light in the hopes of helping others get a chance to learn in person how crypto can be the difference between struggle and success.
I’ve always felt it was tragically ironic that the people in the countries who struggle most with corrupt governments and their warped financial policies and restrictions are the same people who need the benefits of cryptocurrency the most, yet they are perhaps the least informed about it. From my own experience of traveling throughout East Africa and explaining to those whom I’ve met about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, I’ve learned that many people are open to the idea, but the process of actually obtaining the crypto seemed daunting to them. So imagine my delight when I discovered that there was a proposal made to the Dash community by a woman named Eugenia. She was granted funding by submitting a proposal to Dash’s Treasury. Her idea is to host multiple free conferences designed for beginners that are scheduled in Venezuela. They’ve already stirred up a decent amount of interest with hundreds already signed up for the first conference in Caracas September 19th, and others requesting that their city be added to the roster.
I will also be interested to see how or if the Venezuelan government reacts to this new competitor of their native currency.
In addition to these conferences, here are some of the technological developments that Dash has planned for September of this year.

Dash 12.1 was released which connects the current Dash code to future Evolution releases. Evolution will be a decentralized payments platform that is promising to have instant transactions with very low fees, and staying true to Dash’s vision of mass adoption, it is also promising to be user friendly. They’ve been working on developing Evolution for over a year and a half now. They are planning on the full release of Evolution to go public by June of 2018.
For now in this month of September, keep an eye out for the alpha release of their DashPay Wallet which will be more then just a web wallet and will give you the ability to use the Instasend feature. Be sure to check out the links below to learn more about their treasury proposal program, their updated roadmap, Evolution, and more wallet options.

Dash website:

Dash wallet options:
Recent Dash Treasury Proposal Funding

Make a proposal to Dash:

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Dash Unveils Evolution Roadmap and Three-Year Plan