BlockchainBrad catches up with DataDash, a.k.a Nicholas Merten for an EXCLUSIVE interview. This is Candid Crypto Convo #CCC at its best! Nick has the the largest cryptocurrency YouTube channel in the crypto world. Being an international speaker, thought-leader, and crypto analyst in the space, he’s utilized his over seven years of experience in traditional markets to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies. Wow! What an honour mate!
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Special thanks to Nick for coming on the channel:
0:26 Nick Merten
0:55 Nick’s Background
4:42 Bitcoin “Spark” for Nick
5:56 Lack of functionality and Utility
7:01 Non One Currency
7:55 Tone Vaysian arrogance
8:31 Variations of need + use for tokenised economy
9:14 Anomaly of use in pre-utility era
9:59 Imperative of Infrastructure Treasury imperative
11:10 TA
14:24 FA
15:26 Speculation challenger
16:00 Dark side of crypto
17:50 Tron/BTT
19:15 hypetrain
21:00 Purpose of tokens
22:10 ICO- do we really understand what this is?
24:26 Fractionalised assets & STOs
25:45 STOs
27:36 ETH- Discussed in context of SEC
28:38 Utility Tokens
29:18 Revenue imperative. Utility Token explained
31:30 Correlation of Value
32:06 Software platform, one-stop-shop
33:22 Internal economy/voucher value
35:00 B2B
35:24 The correlation imperative
36:09 Speculation Management
38:15 Decentralisation/Centralisation
41:56 BTC is not private.
43:00 MimbleWimble
45:18 Evolution of tech
45:55 Top tier? exists?
47:26 Scalable Protocol for mass adoption
48:00 Enterprise sector drives business
50:59 Scalability
51:10 Lean & Green
52:04 PoW Blockchains
54:07 Nick’s project Genesis
55:23 Transparency concerns
58:59 The power of influence
1:01:32 Shitfluencer problem
1:04:24 Merchant adoption
1:06:10 Collusion, alliances + agendas
1:10:14 Nick talks about the rubbish in the space
1:12:31 Securities
1:14:50 Future Value
1:15: 00 closing remarks

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