Hi Crypto Mates, we interview Deepbrain via Kevin Chen of GBIC. This interview was on behalf of CEO Feng He, who was unable to connect but was involved in the process. Deepbrain is an incredible AI related blockchain technology. Join me, BlockchainBrad, as we explore the is an EXCLUSIVE interview.

Interviews give information that you cannot get elsewhere, so sit back and enjoy! I really hope this helps you understand just how great this AI technology really is.
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Global Blockchain Innovation Center

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DONATION/GIFT DISCLOSURE: After doing this interview, DeepBrain donated 40,500 tokens to me. No discussion of set prices were ever discussed, as I don’t ever ask for money to do my interviews. That being said, this stated donation/gift was offered by the Deepbrain startup subsequent to doing this interview and I accepted it to continue running this channel.



  1. Clarification: Kevin represents GBIC because the CEO was unable to connect and I had prepared thorough questions, so this is why he is reading at times from his notes. It doesn't mean that the content isn't quality.

  2. 3:48 – the guest didn’t define or explain what artificial intelligence is in relation to dbc or answer the question satisfactorily. he just talks about cost savings. all i hear are generalities that anyone can make up. how is a.i. applied to blockchain exactly? there is something missing from this conversation i am failing to understand.

  3. I tried to look into Google scholar to see if their CTO Chang Shu had any "published" scholarly articles since on his profile on the DBC website claims that he is one of the top 100 most influential machine learning experts as of 2016 and published several academic papers: "He published many papers in COLING, IJAI and other top international conferences and magazine journals. In the country, he also holds a number of artificial intelligence related patents."

    So with all this experience and research with papers I wasn't able to find anything online nor any of his "published" papers? I'm thinking these guys are impostors and would love to be proven wrong with some solid links to the teams experience and credibility.

  4. Using miners to reduce fees for AI computation services means that the system is subsidising the AI computation cost using token holder inflation. This is essentially the same as a company saying they will sell cars for less because they subsidise the car price by selling company shares. In short, the token holders are subsidising the clients of the system. Subsidization is not so serious as can only dilute token holder value by a max of 50% however the economics of this is not clarified anywhere.

  5. One Question ?
    And why does this project need to run on a blockchain?
    That i did not get the answer on.
    And thats actully a Question you need to ask every ico coming out,
    Otherwise they could just run a database and not a blockchain.

  6. Two major challenges with the claims made in this video about DBC:

    1) It's hard to find public information about the team, including the CEO / CMO / CTO, who Kevin discussed in this video were all PhD's. Do we have public profiles we can access? And why in the world would they not put those on the DBC website?

    2) It's unclear what the nature, history, and terms are of their 'partnerships / connections' with the big brand companies they namedropped in this video, including Huawei, Lenovo, Samsung and Microsoft. Can we see statements from these companies? Press releases? Something to corroborate their partnership or past successful work?

    Good interview, although at times it did feel a bit too fanboy(ish) to be credible. Good questions overall.

  7. Hardware and computing power are the least expensive/easiest part of AI. Data is the goldmine. Whoever has the largest amount of data will likely to win in the AI space, think Google, Amazon,Baidu,Bing. You need data to train an AI model. Those companies are not going to just hand those data to anyone when they are doing AI research themselves. Just because you can attach Blockchain to it, it doesn’t mean anything without huge amount of relevant data.

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  12. Very impressed with this one. Deepbrain has a lot of potential. Would not be surprised to see it just under $100 end of the year – one to just HODL now. Also NEO one of my favourite already gaining support at $100 and see it $600-$800 end of 2018 and in four digits in 2019. Other top picks can follow me as I have been growing my crypto portfolio rapidly since 2015 on twitter @cryptowealth5 . All life changing money for a lot of people!

  13. Love it. If you are interested in AI in Blockchain you should checkout FarmaTrust! They bring AI to the pharmacy delivery chain to fight counterfeits! PreICO stage currently, huge potential with their team.


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