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LINKS FOR ADDITIONAL READING FOR THIS VIDEO & ALL INFO IN TEXT DOWN BELOW: Easily compare the ROI for multiple master nodes and is similar to Nodehub in that it’s a platform that makes it easier for you to set up your own masternode for the coins they support of their platform offers node monitoring and node hosting depending on your needs. Has some decent reviews from users. Works with cold storage. Allows you to invest in masternode pools, easily reinvest your rewards to earn compound interest. Rewards are paid out 4x a day, no commissions collected, they support airdrops but you have to pay for their service using their cryptocurrency. Fees are paid on a daily basis, meaning you’ll need a constant supply of their coin TRTT. Dedicated VPS means best chance for smooth masternode performance Allows you to vote on proposals for the network your masternode is a part of.

For those who feel comfortable dealing with managing the VPS themselves, and want to cut out one of the middlemen, I’ve found this review to be very informative and in-depth. It’s important to keep in mind that different masternodes have different requirements so make sure to do your due diligence to determine if that VPS provides what you’ll need in order to run that particular masternode.