Electrify Asia: Julius Tan & Martin Lim light up the Blockchain with BCB BlockchainBrad! For much more, see @Brad_Laurie. We talk all about their detailed plans to build a decentralised energy marketplace through Asia! The are making real progress and sending electric shock waves through current markets.


DONATION/GIFT DISCLOSURE: After doing this interview, Electrify Asia, the team donated tokens to me. No discussion of set prices were ever discussed, as I don’t ever ask for money to do my interviews. That being said, a small token donation/gift was offered by the startup subsequent to doing this interview and I accepted it to continue running this channel.



  1. You still can buy the token for around 8 cents (Fiat ICO price) despite awesome news. The latest being a partnership with Tepco (biggest energy provider in Japan). They signed a MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) with them. I bought a lot of their tokens and am going to get some more soon.

  2. Dear ELECTRIFY Tribe,

    Thank you for being our Early Supporters.

    Many of you have been here with us from the start and we deeply appreciate your continuous involvement and participation in the Tribe.

    Due to your overwhelming support, our Whitelist has grown at an exponential rate over the last few days.

    As such, we have decided to temporarily close the Whitelist for the team to catch up on the backlog.

    Everyone who has registered and been cleared, up to this point, are GUARANTEED of your spots for the Crowdsale.

    There will be a second window of Whitelist opened at a later date. We will announce that process once available.

    Thank you all once again for the support! ⚡


  3. My main man Brad …. you've done it again !!!! Bringing yet another fantastic project to the public's attention. This looks like being another big winner & thanks to you I'll be in on the ground floor. Mate …. I definitely owe you a beer !!!! Cheers…


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