Want to enter Enjin’s Blockchain Gaming Frontier? BlockchainBrad interviews @enjin CTO Witek Radomski to learn more about this modular gaming platform direct from the source. As an all-in-one blockchain game development platform, Enjin offers a completely flexible, free platform for creating, integrating and scaling tokenized gaming assets. At Enjin, the Non-Fungible ERC-1155 token standard is used to mint unique gaming assets – rare cards, scarce weapons & mighty heroes. There is so much more to this platform than meets the crypto eye!

DApp Games
Whether you’re an experienced blockchain solidity developer or a total newbie, ENJ platform is everything you need to power the next crypto-collectible DApp.

Incentivise activity and encourage engagement by automatically rewarding your community members or gamers with tokens that have real-life value.

Interviewee: Witek Radomski Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Witek has overseen the technical engineering of Enjin for nearly a decade. He champions best-practices in software design, security and testing, and leads Enjin Coin development, implementation and integration.

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I have personally invested in Enjin. Why? I like what they are doing.

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