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This week it’s all about EOS as the New Kids On The Blockchain look at what happened across the EOS ecosystem across 2018 and what’s planned for 2019. What excites people and where EOS is heading as part of our ongoing deep dive into the world of Crypto Currency and Blockchain.

We explore why EOS is the marmite of cryptos with some loving and some hating it. Where it’s been, wheres it’s going and what has got everyone bubbling with excitement.

We speak to:

– Rob Finch from Cypher Glass about being a block producer in 2018 / 2019 and what excites him. The state of EOS today and predictions for 2019

– Philip from EOS42 and Chintai talks about their 2018 and the upcoming release of Chintai 2.0

– Jarib Figueredo from HorusPay about building a payroll system on EOS and how transactions speeds and scaleability make EOS a winning platform for them

– Chris Coney from The Cryptoverse shares his extensive EOS knowledge and insight to help get ahead of the EOS game. How they raised their funding and how they plan to ensure it is deployed with much financial rigor. Also about their selling of Ethereum contributing to the bear market

– Wayne Lloyd from EOS Nation reveals their highlights, lowlights and whats coming up for them in 2019

– Nate Hindman from Bancor Protocol explains how their network will allow seamless switching between EOS and other blockchains, such as Ethereum.

– Dallas Rushing from Karma App talks about their social network , the first social network on EOS, based around rewarding ‘doing good’ , that was built and launched on EOS in 2018.

– Si Wragg a keen EOS enthusiast and community member , gives us his thoughts on why EOS is going to out deliver a lot of other blockchains






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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.