Will regulation stop scams or bad investments? Regulation pushes things into the background, it doesn’t stop it from happening or fix the cognitive biases (confirmation bias, selection bias, survivor bias) that contribute to addictive gambling behaviour and speculation. Gambling is a tax on people who don’t understand probability. Checking the price of bitcoin or ether triggers your dopamine center. You shouldn’t be looking at these technologies as investments, particularly short-term investments. They’re meant to be learned from.

This talk took place at The Nordic Creators’ Community (@MESHnorway) for Oslo Blockchain Day on April 25th 2017 in Oslo, Norway: https://www.meetup.com/blockchangers/events/230837354/

Ethereum, ICOs, and Rocket Science – https://youtu.be/OWI5-AVndgk
Investing in Education instead of Speculation – https://youtu.be/6uXAbJQoZlE
ICOs and financial regulation – https://youtu.be/Plu_WX3Gs8E
Initial coin offerings (ICOs) – https://youtu.be/Q5R8KuxV4A0
The token ICO explosion – https://youtu.be/vdaW8NtJXuQ
Altcoins and the scaling debate – https://youtu.be/slbpdW-H3yk
Irreversibility and consumer protection – https://youtu.be/R107YWu5XzU
How much bitcoin do you have? – https://youtu.be/DJtM9mR7cOU
TheDao: Why failure is necessary for learning – https://youtu.be/2KZTx8IYc9s
Steemit, Yours Network, and future social platforms – https://youtu.be/ntoJNuzlTSA

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