Exclusive Elastos Update: BlockchainBrad (BCB) chats with Rong Chen to provide a Q2 2018 $ELA UPDATE on all things related to the Smartweb Powered by Blockchain. In this chat, Rong Chen makes it clear he is one of the world’s leading experts in decentralised operating systems. Rong is also clearly confident in Elastos achieving some major goals in 2018. So what’s the Smartweb you ask? Well, the Smartweb is a web of Apps and DApps. Elastos is creating an Operating System for the Smartweb.

It is the public chain designed based on main chain and side chain architecture. Mainchain: sharing the calculating power through merged mining with Bitcoin, which guarantees the trust based on Bitcoin POW mechanism while avoiding incremental energy consumption.Side chain: works in cluster mode to improve calculation capability while keeping the main chain overloaded. The side chain supports the running of smart contracts flexibly, such as Trusted Calculation and expand to 3rd party applications.

This video provides info on:

tech updates
community developments
decentralised internet explanations
dapp/app clarifications
plans in the road map