BlockchainBrad speaks exclusively with F2Pool’s Global Business Director, Thomas Heller. F2Pool has built the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining pool servicing miners in more than 100 countries. With support for more than 40 proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrencies, and as a top 3 mining pool operator for 20 of these networks, F2Pool have played a major part in securing blockchain infrastructure and educating the global community about cryptocurrency mining. Topics related to mining, the impact of the virus and even some exciting news for Tellor $TRB, the DeFi Oracle powered by a hybrid PoW are discussed + more!

Features of F2Pool:
Mining Pool Pioneer: Founded in 2013, F2Pool is one of the earliest mining pools and has established itself as one of the global leaders in the mining industry.
Largest Mining Pool: Supporting mining for more than 40 digital currencies, and the world’s largest mining pool for BTC, LTC, ETH and ZEC.
World leading technology, transparent revenue and unique architecture to effectively prevent DDoS attacks.
Info on Tellor $TRB (Coming to F2Pool!)
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00:33 About f2pool
01:40 What is a mining pool?
04:24 About how important is China in the mining pools
06:21 About the monopoly of China
08:08 About the energy costs of PoW and the Hydro Season of China
10:43 How important are countries like Czech Republic, Iceland?
13:35 Do you feel that China has the pole position in the race?
14:56 About the diversity in the mining pools
17:27 What’s the kind of process for assessing which PoWs to work with?
19:13 About the importance of halving events coming. ETH, BCH, BSV & BTC.
22:51 About the running costs and discussion of Bitcoin mining
26:43 About the ease of access to mining
28:29 About mining hardware and how it’s evolving
31:26 About the next gen. tech for crypto mining
33:16 About Bitmain and others.
35:54 About the impact of coronavirus
39:41 About the coronavirus in China
44:33 Discussing mining costs and pricing
48:09 About centralisation risks/issues
54:44 About volatility in the market
59:03 About the tokens on f2pool: Talk of Tellor, Handshake, Nervos etc.
01:03:06 About the listing of PoW rankings. More talk of these new PoW startups
01:06:00 The process of due diligence by F2Pool. Tight listing process. Tellor talk also
01:09:10 About biz dev & key startups. Talk about TRB AMA coming in China.
01:10:12 Discussion of Chainlink, Tellor in comparison is about a security-first approach.
01:14:50 About the imperative of security and discussing Tellor (with announcements)
1:13:03 Atomic Loans: considering TRB as the oracle for their network!
01:14:17 About the evolution of Ethereum & DeFi. Shift from PoW to PoS and talk of ProgPoW
01:16:27 The focus/interests of Miners, general discussion.
01:17:10 Institutional interest in Mining. Fidelity. Positive Direction & Community is growing.
01:22:20 Final chat & Closure.
This was 100% free and I received no financial compensation for doing this video; not in fiat, tokens or any form on payment.
I have invested in Tellor (& Link) and I plan to invest more as I can afford to. (Not Financial Advice)
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