Today BlockVera’s BlockchainBrad speaks with Felix Hartmann about $BTC and what crypto means to him. Felix is a managing partner at Hartmann Digital Assets. Hartmann is a German-American Tech Entrepreneur, Futurist, and Trader. He is also a crypto consultant, coach, branding guru, a Dystopian Author and was CEO of
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01:08 About sound money
03:40 What is the nature of the WhitePaper?
05:55 About the beginning of Bitcoin
10:07 About stablecoins
12:12 Is ownership a major driver?
17:00 About the people who can’t afford to engage in bitcoin as it currently stands
19:00 About the day-to-day use of bitcoin and the volatility of it
23:08 About the non-correlated asset: bitcoin
26:15 About relying to the store of value
30:30 How powerful is narrative itself?
34:15 What does utility actually means when it comes to bitcoin
37:30 Comparative analysis between bitcoin and other start-up in this space
40:20 How is utility based on not solely the technology but the network itself?
42:36 If you really advocate for decentralization, don’t you also advocate for it to become less volatile in that sense?
44:45 Do you see more of a push from the top down in the space to advocate for more purchases in BTC?
48:08 If we end up in a system where we remove enterprise and government, how do we make sure that essential goods of society are upheld?
51:47 Are you concerned at all about the top-down digital currency wars emerging?
57:19 Network effects of a decade long BTC
01:03:02 Does it concern you that it is possible that a few powerful whales could literally affect the entire market if they so choose to?
01:12:44 About altering the current code source of BTC
01:14:13 About block rewards
01:20:33 Why are that the maximalists so bent on their own perspective?
01:22:40 Do you also acknowledge the power of influence?
01:29:32 How do we distinguish between different types of shills?
01:32:55 What’s your vision for the future?
01:35:00 Do you see a development in the direction of clarification for what token can actually do? i.e a Utility-Centric future?
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