Today I catch up with Ferrum Network COO, Ian Friend, for an exclusive Crypto Interview and Ferrum Update. We talk about all their developments, from staking, to partnerships, to Utility and Use Case developments, to products and much more! We also discuss the token, as well as exchanges, and even network expansion to different regions of the world too. Thanks for your time Ian. This was a FREE interview.
0:15 Intro
1:19 Fintech play
2:41 Products
4:22 Utility & useful products
6:43 Primary utility, Mainnet.
7:07 Kudi Exchange App, adding FRM as rewards for App use
9:12 Aggressive marketing plan
10:35 Post mainnet plan: more products
12:43 Price moving up, metrics, cause
14:59 Rasie, Unlocks, solid metrics
16:11 Africa: the value, proof and use cases
21:30 Burning model, new investors, new traders.
21:54 PreMainNet Staking (ERC-20)
23:15 Business model, Expanding to Brazil
26:15 The Token, ERC-20 staking plan
29:16 Positive feedback so far
30:37 Quality of Exchanges
33:06 liquidity and Exchanges. Issues raised
34:40 Power of leveraging community and quality products
36:50 Pumpamentals and more Aggressive marketing coming
38:00 Consumer products a focus and unifier wallet and more use
41:32 Closing statements and thanks
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This interview was entirely, 100% FREE for the People! In every way, there were no tokens, no under the table deals. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed openly to the community. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
I have invested in Ferrum. This is not Financial Advice, but I really believe in the Ferrum Team. #DYOR always.
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