BlockVera Deep Dive Ep. 4 with Ferrum Network & BlockchainBrad. BlockVera puts the spotlight on Ferrum Network. Why? It is a high-speed interoperability network for real-world financial applications. It is a high-speed transactional & interoperability layer for more efficient, borderless use of digital assets. The Ferrum Network allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a fast, cheap and secure way using Ferrum Network’s fiat gateways. This has already begun with their West African exchange and mobile wallet – the first in Africa offering a fully-regulated US Dollar pegged stable coin and the ability to send fiat currency peer-to-peer! They have built a UniFyre Wallet, which offers risk-free OTC trading, instant market trades, and safety features to prevent accidental loss.

This video was Sponsored by Ferrum. All proceeds of this sponsorship support BlockVera admin and writers for BV (not me). More details are outlined further below.

Blockchain Brad chats with the founders of the project, leaving no technical, nor utility stone unturned. CEO Naime Yeganeh, CEO & and Ian Friend, COO make provide clear and invaluable insights about the core elements of FERRUM such as: MVP, Proof of Adoption and future roadmap plans in this one hour interview.

With a low-cap ICO planned very soon, the team is clearly determined to make their mark in the business of optimising blockchain through their platform, tech, products & services. Perhaps what is most interesting is that have found and starting working in core target markets in Africa, a region in much need of what blockchain tech affords: Borderless finance, borderless technology. With strong partnerships and a well-defined roadmap, it’s time to see what the future dictates – Has Ferrum Network got the tech and use case to make it in this new market of DeFi, Blockchain-based business and the popular trading support for digital assets?

Let’s take a Deeper Dive!
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⏳Episode Timestamps
0:02 Intro
1:02 About Ferrum Network
3:20 Ferrum Network’s place in the Blockchain Ecosystem
4:58 What is a DAG? Why did they choose this model?
8:40 Differences between IOTA and Ferrum Network
9:40 About Staking
12:30 About Utility
17:10 About Kudi Exchange
20:00 The Partnership with Gemini
25:00 Plans for the Future
27:18 Why ICO?
31:30 About the Roadmap
49:30 About Social Mining
52:20 About the Partners
56:00 Final Statements
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