FLETA has arrived! The Fleta team have built a next generation blockchain platform that optimises DApp adoption. It is a highly performant and scalable framework. FirstChain is a company consisting of experts from diverse fields; to include an IT entrepreneur, business development expert, marketing strategy expert, branding expert, financial expert and much more.
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0:06 Intro
6:03 Mainnet
8:21 Proof of Formulation
10:09 Level Tree
11:05 Parallel Sharding
14:01 Enterprise
15:00 TRX, EOS and NEO porting of projects
17:21 Roadmap Process
19:40 FLETA City Simulation
20:58 Clients
22:40 Team
26:12 Advisors
34:40 Utility
40:10 Token lockups
42:35 Token listing
55:20 Wrapup
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Tech & Benefits:
Independent Multi-Chain Structure
Less financial burden for both developers and users
Limitless number of DApps can be accommodated

Proof-of-Formulation (PoF)
Prompt creation and dissemination of blocks
Real-time confirmation through observer node, minimize unnecessary Fork

Block Redesign
Block size reduced by 43%
1.8 times faster transaction processing speed
Data storage optimally reduced

90% reduced validation size, compared to Merkle Tree
High quality transaction validation with less data reception
5 times faster speed of transaction validation process

Parallel Sharding
Parallel action possible without double spending
Focused on TPS enhancement through increase in shard numbers and each shard’s TPS
Able to process 20,000 transactions per one second
By assembling this group of professionals, FirstChain is able to benefit from all the technological skills, expertise in the social values of blockchain and the innovations they bring to the table
I have not invested in this project yet. This is not Financial Advice. #DYOR always.
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