BlockchainBrad speaks with Fusion CPO John Liu about the next wave of financial innovation on the blockchain. Fusion is a connected ecosystem for financial transactions. In more detail, it is an ecosystem of economies and it’s cutting-edge interoperability solution aims to ensure that Fusion is the most connected network in the cryptocurrency landscape. Any business that deals with financial transactions stands to benefit from Fusion. Their 40+ Partners are bridging the gap between traditional and digital assets.
01:00 What do you stand for at Fusion?
02:20 About the nature of the protocol itself
07:40 What makes you suitable for this job?
09:24 About trading and speculations
14:10 About development
17:05 About business building and campaign
23:10 About partnerships
26:40 About interoperability
32:40 About Morpheus Lab collaboration/partnership
36:10 About the stages of development
37:33 About proof of stack
41:30 About the transition to mainnet
46:30 About leading the cutting edge technology
48:00 About the risks having a decentralized custodial system
49:05 About the biz development team
50:22 About the token
53:18 About the price and marketcap
01:00 57 About the roadmap
01:02:35 About partnerships pipelines
01:03:18 About the PR strategies
01:09:08 About Fusion’s CEO
01:11:33 About Fusion’s Head of Technology and Innovation
01:12:50 About Fusion’s engineers
01:14:34 How do you create revenue?
01:16:24 About the Fusion’s hack
01:20:30 About staking models
01:22:38 About the risks of wash trading
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This is a not a sponsored video in anyway. But I am a Morpheus Labs Ambassador with an ongoing paid role. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed openly to the community. This is not Financial Advice. Please #DYOR
I have not invested in Fusion. I have invested in MITx for the long term. This is not Financial Advice, but I really believe in this project. #DYOR always.
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