BlockchainBrad speaks with Geeq Chief Economist about how the Geeq team are laying the groundwork for crypto mass adoption. Geeq’s proprietary protocol, Proof of Honesty, makes it possible for the first time to consider moving exchanges, banking, high value information and records, and critical applications, out of private databases and onto blockchain. John also explains that Geeq have also recently partnered with Morpheus Labs, an enterprise-focused blockchain service platform and he explains the nature of the partnership.
00:29 About embracing the blockchain 
02:10 What is Geeq is about? How is it Unique?
04:53 How important is it to lead the idea of being a blockchain protocol and/or service?
08:46 About the value of security
12:04 About distribution and decentralization
18:45 About the consensus mechanism: Proof of Honesty 
20:35 About the imperative of scalability in the context of security
28:00 About the multilayered design: the tiered ‘multilayer’ stack
30:25 About the key features built into the system
38:47 About the target market and enterprise & business potential
41:35 About cost savings
43:09 About partnerships
54:15 GitHub, Open Source plans.. 
56:26 About the real use cases
01:02:30 About the team
01:07:30 About the stabilised token: a means to establish low-volatility 
01:11:50 About crypto exchanges
01:18:00 About the utility token
01:21:31 The Tokenomics
01:23:20 About raising funds and the plan ahead
01:25:40 About the token model and fundraising: lock ups + more
01:27:30 About future partnerships
01:29:44 About revenue
No mainchain.
Low costs.
Limitless scaling.
Edge security.
Patent pending technology.
Cheap enough for IoT.
No hard forks.
Innovative tokenomics.

Geeq offers DApp developers maximum flexibility without the need to worry about interference from others or competition for resources on the network. Every individual geeqchain includes an application layer that will support Solidity. It will be possible to support other smart contract and scripting languages in the future.
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