Digital Lawrence is a Blockchain activist and the Co-Founder of FomoHunt, an industry-leading cryptocurrency platform that provides an educational portal for new and veteran crypto enthusiasts through social networking events and project information. He has extensive experience in product strategy, digital marketing, branding, and blockchain community management.

Digital Lawrence join us today to discuss his mission to travel the world on a Crypto Adoption Tour. We discuss how far we are from realizing and tapping into the potential of Bitcoins and the manipulations that happen in the crypto industry. We discuss the greatest factors that distinguish the crypto market from the stock market and the current adoption rate in the US compared to other countries. We also share some of our favorite snack foods and the most hilarious description of Dorito’s Jacked chips we’ve ever heard.

“We’re building the biggest depository for blockchain events globally.” – Digital Lawrence

This week on Beards and Bitcoins:

Digital Lawrence’s Crypto Adoption Tour and the interesting countries he’s had the opportunity to visit. The new Bitboy hardware wallet The cryptocurrency adoption rate in the US and how it compares to other countries. Common, worldwide misconceptions about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The similarities and differences between trading crypto and trading stock. Why we believe the younger generation is more interested in investing in cryptocurrency more than investing in stock. Digital Lawrence’s perspective on manipulation in the cryptocurrency community. His perspective on the SEC’s statement regarding the current state of crypto manipulation. CoinMarketCap’s recent algorithm changes, requirements, and fake volume. Our favorite snack foods and the funniest description of Dorito’s Jacked chips. Digital Lawrence’s thoughts on CoinMarketCap

Resources Mentioned:

Bitboy Hardware Wallet CoinDust CoinMarketCap CoinGecko

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