In an exclusive interview with BlockchainBrad, HADRON CEO & COO announce a MAJOR partnership! Think HUBBLE (NASA) by way of A FORMAL connection with Hubble’s Space Telescope Science Institute..and there’s so much more! @hadron_cloud is building an artificial intelligence marketplace platform for human and machine-powered enterprise tasks. To be clearer, Hadron is a decentralized computing network for massively scaled AI training. Why are they building this? Enterprises or other customers that require resources for training AI models can access a potentially limitless pool of compute power through the decentralized network of users that Hadron offers.

The Hadron ICO offers one of the most exciting projects targeting the AI market in the blockchain space. The team’s ample experience scaling mass consumer products and building distributed systems fits the bill for such an ambitious project.

Built by experienced entrepreneurs and engineers from Stanford, Harvard, and Google, HADRON automatically connects the demand for computation and tasks with a large user and device population to get enterprise tasks done in record time and efficiency.

Cliff Szu
Cliff is an entrepreneur and CEO of Hadron. He was CEO and co-founder of Fanpop, a community-powered network achieving over 50 million uniques. Cliff grew up on the East Coast and studied computer science and economics at Stanford.

“Papa” Papandrew
Papa brings 20 years of product management experience to the team. He is a co-founder of Fanpop and served as Chief Product Officer. Previously, he worked at several leading technology and media companies in the Bay Area in both the B2C and B2B spaces. Papa grew up in Hawaii and studied at Occidental and Harvard.

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