Here’s What We Should ACTUALLY Be Looking At ?

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  1. Why all the hype about Cardano? They removed all references to their fictional scientists team members who have contributed nothing. If you look at their github activity most of it is editing Readme files or doing insignificant updates to existing code. And the only job listing they have for the foundation is Marketing.. That says a lot.

  2. Centrallication is NEVER good. It is a lie you have been told and you fall securely in sleep thinking about. Governments are like your best friend who stab you in the back. They lie to you, they rob you when you are not looking. That is why centrallicaton always have and and always will be used against us by the rulling elite. The rueling elite includes governments, the world elite, or illuminati if you want to call them that. They are all against us the 95% and they scam us every day without 99% even know it. That is also why the really rich pay like no taxes. Like warren buffet. The whole system was made to scam the 95% and give to the 5%. They also scam us with unending inflation, economical depressions, and wars. When they start a war…there is only 1 to pay…the people and they cant even say no. Once again the people get scammed for all their hard earned money and their best years of their life.

  3. 4:30 idiot. Youtube, facebook and all that crap did not invent the internet, the video recorder, the mobile phone. Steve jobs did not either invent the phone, or Bill Gates invent the Pc. Cencentralisation is a stoneage way of doing things. And have never been good. But a sheep like you did not know or can see all off this. Centrallication have been the only way to do this kind of things because of there is always an elite class in human societies that want total control! That is why decentrallication have been pure dreaming untill the internet and programming hit this critical developement stage that we invented Blockchain.

  4. BNB – a real life in your face mega success company, making vast money when prices up or down, outstanding future potential, all have to be good sign for BNB coin -no ?? you may not like Binance for any number of reasons but their token is going to dominate this market for decades into any future we may or may not have.


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