BC.GAME is all about listening to its players, and that commitment to improvement is on full display with the exciting revamp of the Lucky Spin feature. These modifications aim to escalate both the reward potential and the enjoyment factor. Each spin now amplifies the probability of securing significant wins. 

New players at BC.GAME can engage with the Lucky Spin even before registration, offering a chance to win up to $5. This initial taste provides an immediate glimpse into the platform’s lucrative gameplay.

What You Need to Know About the Lucky Spin

Funds won from the Lucky Spin are withdrawable, contingent upon fulfilling a wager stipulation. This requirement entails wagering 60 times the amount won from the wheel. Players can monitor eligible games and wager progression on the Rollover Overview Page.

Key Points Regarding Free Winnings

  • KYC Protocols: Although comprehensive KYC (Know Your Customer) processes are not mandatory for all users, BC.GAME retains the right to request detailed KYC documentation to preclude promotional abuse.
  • Withdrawal Cap: Presently, the maximum withdrawal limit from Lucky Spin rewards is $5. Note that this changes every now and then to accommodate the growing demands of the players and the terms and conditions of the platform. 
  • Deposit Necessities: While a deposit is not requisite for withdrawing free winnings, any detected promotion abuse may necessitate a deposit and fulfillment of the wager requirement.

Existing users can relish ongoing excitement with the Lucky Spin. One complimentary spin is granted daily upon reaching a designated wager threshold. Additionally, players earn one free spin upon leveling up from VIP Level 8.

The wager thresholds for qualifying for Lucky Spins at BC.GAME are tiered to accommodate different levels of player engagement. For the Bronze tier, players must wager $200. Moving up, the Silver tier requires a wager of $1,000. The Gold tier has a threshold of $5,000, while the Platinum tier demands a wager of $8,000. The Diamond tier necessitates a wager of $10,000. These varied levels ensure that players at different stages of their gaming journey can enjoy the benefits of the Lucky Spin.

As you climb the VIP ladder, your rewards multiply! Starting from VIP Level 8, you’ll receive an additional free Lucky Spin each time you level up. The higher your VIP level, the more spins you collect, and the more chances you have to strike it lucky.

Notably, wagers on Trading and Futures are excluded from XP accumulation and do not contribute to Lucky Spin XP progression.

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Where You Can Use Your Lucky Spin Rewards

Add your Lucky Spin winnings to your existing bankroll and use them to explore the platform’s vast selection of casino games and sports betting options. Use them to try out new games at BC.GAME. With a diverse library of provably fair titles, you can discover hidden gems and potentially multiply your rewards

Every wager you place contributes to your VIP level at BC.GAME. By strategically using your Lucky Spin rewards for exciting bets, you can climb the VIP ladder faster, unlocking exclusive benefits like increased withdrawal limits, cashback offers, and personalized bonuses.


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