Bitcoin crash games were created not so long ago by the premier casino site Bustabit. They’ve become a popular form of gambling, particularly among discerning crypto players. Crash game is pretty easy to understand – it’s a multiplayer game that features a constantly increasing curve, which increases the payout and can crash at any point. You can score some major wins without having too much skill – making crash ideal for high rollers and novice gamblers alike.  

How to Play Bitcoin Crash Online

The crash game at BC.Game is a proprietary game – which means that it was made by the site, with software built in-house. The game is provably fair and promises to exceed your expectations. To play, you’ll need to place a bet. Then, watch as the curve meanders upwards and the multiplier grows. The exciting part about the BTC crash is that you can cash out at any point, and as long as the curve hasn’t crashed, you’ll win an amount of your bet x the multiplier. However, you’ll lose the bet and the game if the curve crashes before you take your winnings. Some BTC crash games allow you to choose a bet and a winning goal. If you bet $10, your winning goal is $30, the curve grows past your goal, and you’ve won the game. The formula for the probability of you winning during this type of crash game is rxb/g. R = theoretical return rate, b = your bet amount, and g = winning goal. Your theoretical return rate multiplied by your bet amount equates to your winning goal. Most proprietary crash games will have unique features that make them stand out. BC.Game offers a provably fair crash game, huge wins, and a house edge of 1% – making it relatively easy to beat the site.  

Trenball Crash at BC.Game 

BC.Game has recently introduced a new version of the popular crash game – Trenball. In Trenball, you bet on Red, Green, or Moon depending on your belief in the game’s outcome. Red, Green, and Moon indicate where the crash will bang in the round. You win based on which of these options you place a bet on.  

  • RED: Crash is less than 2
  • GREEN: Crash is equal to or more than 2
  • MOON: Crash is equal to or more than 10

The probability of Trenball is pretty basic. Hitting a Red is 50.5%, hitting a green is 49.5%, and hitting a moon is 9.9%. The house edge is still 1%. Should you bet correctly, your payout for each will work as follows:  

  • Red: pays x1.96
  • Green: pays x2
  • Moon: pays x10

To play Trenball, you need to know a couple of rules. Before each round starts, you’ll get 6 seconds to place a bet. Here, you’ll choose between Red, Green, or Moon. Once the 6 seconds are over, the game will start running until it “bangs” – or reaches the end of the round. You can play BC.Game’s Crash and Trenball games individually or simultaneously, and it’s up to you!  


Bonuses to Use on Bitcoin Crash at BC.Game

It’s no secret that most players love a good bonus. Luckily, if you’re new to BC.Game, you can score a bonus of 1 USD every 24 hours. Other bonuses include:  

  • Task Bonus: Complete tasks to earn bonuses easily. Complete newbie tasks and daily tasks. 
  • Master Medal: Activate the medal to get the bonus. 
  • Shit Code: Shit codes are bonus codes that add a gift to your BC.Game casino balance. 

Daily bonuses are bonuses that you can score daily, and BC.Game has quite a few on offer:  

  • Roll competition: Bet players can score rewards based on their top 10 ROLL points – excluding JB players. 
  • Where is Coco: Find Coco’s treasure to earn rewards. 
  • Lucky Spin: Spin the wheel to win crypto up to 1 BTC. 

Start Playing Online Crash at BC.Game 

Now that you know how (and why) to play the Bitcoin crash game, let’s walk through the process of getting started at BC.Game. You’ve heard about the bonuses on offer, but did you know that players who sign up and communicate in the chatroom are also eligible for a Rain bonus every 6 hours? Not only that, the platform makes it super simple to join, offering players not one, not two, but SEVEN different ways to create an account. New players can select between using their Google, Facebook, Telegram, MetaMask (an Ethereum wallet browser extension), Scatter (an EOS wallet browser extension), TronLink (a TRX wallet browser extension), or by using their regular email address to create an account. 

Playing crash at BC.Game can be done in a huge range of different cryptocurrencies – not just Bitcoin. So, if you’re worried about finding a crash game in the digital asset of your choice, honestly, you don’t need to look any further than BC.Game. Players can play with BTC, SATS, ETH, XRP, DOGE, USDT, LTC, XLM, TRX, BCH, LINK, DOT, EOS, DAI, USDC, XMR, UNI, BSV, AVC, VSYS, LEND, MANA, BAT, ENJ, EURS, VNDC, NBX, and TRTL – making for accessible crash gaming at all times. And then the wildly exciting range of games. All propriety, meaning that they were created specifically for the BC.Game platform and all provably fair, meaning that players can verify the outcome of any game immediately after playing. The range of games includes favourites like keno, slots, hash dice, the ever-popular blackjack, roulette games, Plinko, video poker, wheel, and Hilo.