BlockchainBrad speaks with HPB (High Performance Blockchain) director Danny Rowshandel about ‘Revolutionizing Blockchain Infrastructure’. But how? The HPB team use democratic consensus and they combine hardware with software for ultimate, speed and stability. They have a dual branch design. First, a High Performance Blockchain. (HPB). This includes a customized hardware Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE) & high-performance blockchain software. Next is the BaaS: Blockchain as Service. As a service, HPB aims to capture the enterprise market, and there is real interest in the hardware based BOE, which allows for high transaction speed and extremely low latency.

The Project
Innovation for everyone
High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is a revolutionary
permissionless blockchain architecture that combines an open source Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE) hardware, with software optimised to work in tandem with the BOE unit. Using the synergy
created by merging hardware and software, high transaction
speeds and minimal latency is achieved with no compromises (e.g.
security, decentralisation, etc. are all conserved). This is achieved
with HPB’s consensus algorithm where the network verifies
transactions with an underlying dual Node election mechanism,
striking a balance between voting and delegation.

The HPB Blockchain
Dedicated blockchain hardware – the HPB Blockchain Offload
Engine (BOE). With the in-house development of the Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE), HPB brings blockchain technology one step closer to widespread adoption and redefines blockchain technology requirements. The HPB node network utilizes the BOE and dedicated high specification servers to accelerate the rate at which transactions are processed on the blockchain. The BOE design integrates seamlessly with the blockchain to achieve greater performance and security.
1:00 Intro
2:24 Blockchain Efficiency
6:15 Node Incentivization
9:29 Plan 2019
11:25 Oath Protocol
11:48 Gaming + Laya
13:01 Gaming
19:01 BTC Volatility
20:46 Token Value
23:34 Raise & Funds
25:09 BaaS
26:50 China & state of Blockchain
28:54 Mainstream Markets
29:04 Youtubers and Marketing
31:31 Community Engagement
32:00 Team
34:32 Specific Verticals of gaming, fintech & finance
35:47 Union Pay
39:36 Hybridization
41:53 Prospective Partners
46:56 Smart Contracts, Fees + Enterprise
48:00 Usability
49:35 Scalability + need for speed
52:37 Security
53:00 Trilemma Compromises
53:30 300 Nodes Future
55:45 STOs & Registration. Malta & SEC
57:05 Chinese Govt Stance
1:02:16 dApps

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