CORRECTION: In the video I say that UnionPay is behind Visa and Mastercard. While Visa & Mastercard do have more cards COMBINED, UnionPay easily outperforms each one individually. This info was taken from an article and I misread the line that discussed this. You can see that article here:

In today’s episode of Your Simplified Coin Review, we look at the High Performance Blockchain. Often referred to as simply HPB, this blockchain is looking to integrate both software and hardware into its blockchain infrastructure. HPB is an ERC20 token, but is actually heavily involved with NEO. NEO serves as an official advisor to this project and many people believe that they will only become more and more involved with one another. The team behind the High Performance Blockchain is one that has a lot of experience. In particular, the CEO is a former employee of UnionPay. UnionPay is the biggest credit card company in China. The mainnet for this token is launched at the end of June.

What is HPB:
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