If history repeats itself #Bitcoin could be due for a significant correction. Disney crypto exchange rumors, $BTC volume hits ATH in Thailand, IOTA x Jaguar, NEO x Zeus, Lil Pump accept $BTC via LN, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit: https://youtu.be/6PQvMtNnmWY

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2:16 Markets 〽️
7:35 Throw back: https://i.imgur.com/XSZIaOQ.png
9:07 CNBC BTC: https://youtu.be/e5jshZPM07g
10:54 Disney Crypto? http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20190417000561
12:33 Lil Pump BTC LN: https://twitter.com/bitcoinLNS/status/1121075281710784514
14:24 BTC ATH Thailand: https://bitcoinist.com/thailand-bitcoin-volume-soars-250-after-seasteading-fiasco/
15:22 IOTA x Jaguar: https://zycrypto.com/jaguar-collaborates-with-iota-to-reward-helpful-drivers-with-cryptocurrency/
16:30 IOTA Academy: https://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2019/04/iota-launches-its-own-academy-to-help-users-learn-more-about-its-technology/
16:47 QLC Gas: https://qlcchain-qgas.com/
17:02 Samsung Coin: https://www.investinblockchain.com/samsung-to-develop-its-token-on-ethereum-blockchain/
17:35 Diversify with XRP? https://bitcoinist.com/new-binance-report-calls-ripples-xrp-the-best-diversifier-digital-asset/
18:02 NEO x Zeux: https://www.chepicap.com/en/news/9268/neo-and-zeux-partnership-pay-with-neo-via-apple-pay-and-samsung-pay.html
20:27 ????? Ledger Nano S Giveaway ?????

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