Tron TRX recently announced a $20 million buyback plan and now VeChain VET has announced a $25 million buyback plan. Billy is also looking into the huge Chainlink surge we’ve seen lately as well as give you the latest news from Cardano, Maker, Basic Attention Token, and Ripple XRP.
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The “Coinbase effect” is Definitely Real as #Chainlink Price Surges Following Coinbase Listing

Brave Browser Will Soon Allow Users to Tip with Basic Attention Token on Vimeo and Reddit

Maker Takes a Big Step Towards Implementing Multi Collateral Dai, Releases first Collateral Types

After #Tron (TRX), #VeChain Announces A $25 Million VET Buyback Program

After Tron (TRX), VeChain Announces A $25 Million VET Buyback Program

Cardano Founder Responds To Critics, ADA On The Chopping Board

Cardano Founder Responds To Critics, ADA On The Chopping Board

Ripple Is Not XRP; The Asset Is The Worst Performer in The Top-10

Ripple Is Not XRP; The Asset Is The Worst Performer in The Top-10

John McAfee which highlights a screenshot from AltCoinBuzz –
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  1. Can someone help me or guide me? I have around 70$ in total of all my coin, would love a guide as i dont really understand, my uncle gave me some, im 12?

  2. I actually like that Charles fires back at people. Love that he doesn't do the typical "okay everyone sorry this happened we'll make it up to you blah blah" I love that he says listen we're working relax you're being crazy hush and wait. It's refreshing to me. Lol

  3. Next biggest surge will be pledgecamp soon as it has got positive votes from the Binance chain validators and soon will be trading on Binance Dex. pledgecamp is securing the next generation of crowdfunding with Blockchain which will bring lots of users into its platform and soon we will see new era of crowdfunding

  4. I believe Charles has the right vision for Cardano and is doing an amazing job brining it to life. People need to understand if you want something done right it takes Time! Give the man some time and stop watching the price everyday and start following the progress made. Get a node running on the test net and see what they've been up to. I see Cardano being the best blockchain platform by a landslide.

  5. The guy trying to criticize RIPPLE, should literally be IGNORED for the rest of his natural life!
    XRP went from $0.006 to $3.83; and rose to over a $121B Market Cap, and top 3 Asset status, in less than 5 years!
    …In terms of Market Cap/Growth timeline, that makes it arguably the Best Digital asset performer EVER!
    The guy trying to criticize RIPPLE, should literally be IGNORED for the rest of his natrural life! Lol

    #Rookie #Armchairanalyst #Neophyte

  6. About ADA…
    You would expect that after THREE YEARS of peer reviews and tons of paperwork, cardano should be pretty much at least 80% done thing, and the testnet would just be a formality to adjust the lipsticks and trim the nails… THE VERY LEAST one would expect is for the VERY BASIC things, like making a simple transaction, would surely be peer reviewed enough. Well…

    Cardano testnet first week:
    2 issues are with the development team and they are investigating; these issues are:
    – Trx ID identical when sending same ammount twice
    – Sending multiple transactions crash the node

    Jep, the very BASICS of a blockchain dont work….after 3 years of peer reviews?

    Triple looool

  7. Brave needs to allow a two way wallet within its browser. Users can utilize the browser bu they cannot withdraw any BAT since UPHOLD won't allow it even after KYC with CIVIC token.

  8. I see what you're saying. However, IOHK and CH's history in crypto is a reflection of his tenacity, brilliance, drive and nature. Calmness and storms are just Charles' weather system. Can't change mother nature can we? I'm sure he recharges and resets when home on his ranch.


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