The world of online gambling is a rapidly growing industry. Global iGaming revenues are expected to reach $396 billion by 2023, and the uptake of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has played a key role in this growth. 

Today, more than half of all casinos accept cryptocurrency payments, and many major online casinos now offer some form of Bitcoin betting game. So why has Bitcoin become so popular among iGaming operators? What are the benefits for players? And how can you use them to your advantage?

The Rise Of Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is a digital currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person or group of people using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s not controlled by any government or bank and has no central authority, but rather it’s supported by its users and is accepted as payment for goods and services by many companies around the world.

Bitcoin has been used for many things since 2010, now on BC.GAME as a crypto payment option for those who want digital currencies to play their favorite casino games. 

Why Bitcoin Is A Good Fit For iGaming

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. It’s not controlled by any government or central bank, so its value isn’t determined by market forces like other currencies. Instead, the supply of Bitcoins is limited and capped at 21 million coins. This makes it more stable than other currencies because there’s no risk that governments can manipulate the value of Bitcoin for their own gain (or loss).

Another benefit of using Bitcoin for iGaming sites? Security! Because blockchain records all transactions ever made using these digital coins’ unique addresses (which function like account numbers), no one will ever know who owns which accounts unless they choose to disclose this information themselves.

How Are They Used?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It’s similar to cash, but it’s digital and can be used as an alternative to fiat currency. Bitcoin can be used to buy products and services online, or you can use it as a form of payment at brick-and-mortar stores that accept Bitcoin payments. You can also use your bitcoins to deposit funds into your iGaming account (or any other casino or sportsbook) through an external wallet service like MetaMask. 

Benefits Of Using Bitcoins In An iGaming Environment

Bitcoin is a global currency, meaning that it can be used anywhere in the world. This makes Bitcoin effective in an iGaming environment because it allows players to make deposits and withdrawals with ease from any country without having to worry about whether or not their money will be accepted by the casino’s payment processor or bank.

Bitcoin has been designed as an anonymous currency–the identity of each user is protected through cryptography (the process of scrambling data so only those with access can see it). This feature makes bitcoins ideal for use on iGaming sites because players don’t have to worry about their personal information being leaked out onto the internet. They can simply play online games using their Bitcoin wallet while remaining anonymous throughout their entire session.

Last but not least: Bitcoins offer flexibility when compared with other traditional currencies like US dollars or Euros since they don’t require any sort of registration process before being able to use them within an iGaming environment–you just need access!

The Future Of Bitcoin And iGaming

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Bitcoin is becoming more widely accepted. Online gambling sites are starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, and some casinos even offer Bitcoin bonuses for new players. We know that iGaming operators and players are excited about the future of Bitcoin and iGaming. Cryptocurrency has a lot to offer, such as lower transaction fees, faster payouts, and more security. And we can’t wait for more innovations to come!