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My interview with the Chief Commercial Officer of Hedge, Goivanni Lesna.
Talking points:

00:00-1:46 Learn about Giovanni and his position at Hedge

1:46-2:50 History of Hedge, Success of their ICO despite China’s announcement to ban ICOs.

2:50-4:12 Thoughts on the rising price

4:12- 7:10 What is an index and why are they valuable?

7:10- 8:51 What is the purpose of the Hedge Token/ What are the requirements to partake in the Hedge platform?

8:51- 11:25 Reasons why Hedge won’t be including Bitconnect or Tether on their indexes.

11:25- 13:00 Why Hedge has partnered with as their crypto data supplier.

13:00- 14:47How often with Hedge reassess the indexes to keep current rankings with the cryptocurrencies according to market cap?

14:47- 16:50 How will the Hedge trading platform differ from other exchanges that we’re used to?

16:50- 18:15 How will your exchange deal with KYC and AML (Know your customer & Anti-money laundering) security protocols?

18:15- 22:02 What’s in store for Hedge in 2018?

22:02- 23:30 How can people participate in and become a part of the Hedge community?

23:30-26:07 You can see their livestream data of their crypto indexes through the Thomson Reuters Icon Trading Platform

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