What does Shannon Craddock – IMMO CEO, Jeff Silver, Ridgeline Partners Founder, and John Dean Markunas, Power of Chain Consultancy have in common?

They will all be on Blockchain Weekly this week!

Blockchain Weekly – https://BlockchainWeekly.io – Shannon Craddock, IMMO CEO, IMMO uses device connectivity to match sellers with buyers.
Jeff Silver, Managing Partner and Founder for Ridgeline Partners a Corporate Finance Firm assisting companies with CFO related activities.
John Dean Markunas, Power of Chain Consultancy Principal, providing companies with advice on using a more secure method of record keeping via Blockchain

Blockchain Weekly—a regular series of live interactive virtual video panels covering the latest advances in the blockchain marketplace. It’s live and interactive, ask questions of some of the greatest names in the Blockchain space or engage with others in your own self-initiated private video chats with one of the attendees.

Every Wednesday –

2:00 EST 1:00 CDT 12:00 MST Arizona 11:00 PST

Go to http://BlockchainWeekly.io

See you there !

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