Hey Crypto Mates! Topic: IoTChain Exclusive Interview with CEO Xie Zhuopeng by BlockchainBrad. This is the Internet of Things Blockchain that is going to change the world starting with lighting things up! How? by being efficient, sharable and secure! This company has REAL WORLD connections and is backed by a highly experienced team!

Info on the CEO: ‘Lero’ or Xie Zhuopeng:

Lero has been engaged in smart hardware field for four years and has profoundly studied blockchain for three years. He has participated in designing smart lighting architecture for several lighting companies at home and abroad. Besides, he has taken part in many designs of smart hardware architecture.

Unpacking the 3 elements:

ITC is designed to solve the severe safety problems of present IoT. ITC applies a combination of asymmetric encryption of cryptography, semi-homomorphic-encryption ciphertext computing technology and distributed architecture without data center. Therefore, ITC can not only protect the users’ devices from being attacked by hackers, ensuring its control. but also defend users and their devices’ data safety sovereignty and privacy security. For example, the data of intelligent device, such as the camera, can only be checked by users themselves.

The architecture of ITC can well satisfy the high-concurrency environment of IoT where everything is interconnected with each other. The main chain has adopted PBFT consensus strategy. Through combination of point-to-point communication network of DAG subnet and simple verification technology of Merkel data structure, the main net can meet the requirment of 100,000 concurrency simultaneously. Because of the distributed DAG subnet, the whole network can reach better concurrency.

Under the circumstance of big-data revolution modifying commercial industry, ITC firstly puts forward the idea that data property belongs to the users and provide technical protection for this. Non-circulation data is valueless. ITC has applied zero-knowledge proof, BloomFilter, Hyperloglog and other probabilistic models to provide data-analysis access to smart contracts. In this way, the companies can submit smart contract to use the users’ data for machine learning by paying tokens for the users according to their data contribution.

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