Is #Bitcoin stealing altcoin profits? 41% of global tech companies might implement blockchain. India encourages cryptocurrency firms, Larry King talks blockchain, Kroger considers Lightning Network, crypto news, and more!

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0:18 Markets 〽️
3:13 No thank you…
3:38 Warren Buffet hates Bitcoin:
4:01 Altcoin season?
5:51 Larry King talks blockchain:
6:42 Kroger ditches Visa:
7:06 Visa fess increased:
7:20 Kroger Lightning Network?
8:01 41% tech might implement blockchain:
9:25 What is the value of FB Coin?
11:09 FB Coin will be shut down?
12:14 1 DOGE = 2 DOGE?!?
12:58 Ethereum (ETH) blocks drop:
13:48 Enjin (ENJ) x Unity:
15:01 SolveCare x Lyft:
15:37 QuadrigaCX mess continues:
17:49 Venezuela remittences:
18:44 India might legalize crypto?
19:12 Localbitcoins India Volume:
20:41 Utah blockchain treatment:
21:49 Tribalism and toxicity:
24:02 What a crazy reddit post:

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