Is NEO the Game Changer? NEO NEWS NEO crypto news UPDATE NEO RESEARCH CRYPTO NEO. Neo is at the forefront of blockchain technology world wide and I am so lucky to be part of the best place on the web right now, the CryptoSpace. Neo, Ethereum and a select few MainChains are going to lead the way in the next decade, of that I am no sure. With extensive research comes a deep understanding of this AAA Blockchain technology. I can understand why so many are buying this now, because next year, so many will be jumping in at much higher prices: because they will be paying for well integrated and adopted tech by then. I don’t care for hype, just the best blockchains, because that is what is key at this point in our history. Neo is one of the blockchains that, with it’s interoperable capacity and cross-chain enabler, will be GAMECHANGER for 2017. Ethereum will be right there as another MAJOR player. Of this, finally, I have no doubt.

Research links to support what I am saying:

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