Today BlockchainBrad speaks with #crypto media expert, Jon Rice. In a real, candid crypto convo, we discuss what constitutes good journalism at length! Jon is the co-founder and former Managing Editor of Crypto Briefing, one of very few #crypto media outlets that is ad-free, with unsponsored media content. Today, Jon and I have a candid chat about crypto journalism and the broader #crypto context. Jon is very direct and willing to discuss things that so many shy away from, hence he has my complete respect!
Jon is known for his outspoken views on the crypto media scene. Although he believes that the sector has improved dramatically over the last two years, he feels there is still much work to be done – not just by the project teams building blockchain businesses, but also by the media outlets that report on them.

Jon’s twitter:

Over the years, Jon has performed almost every role in the media industry – he started out as a journalist, before becoming one of London’s top advertising copywriters. He moved on to become Creative Director at several agencies and then VP of Marketing. He has now founded two media companies. He’s also the only human being ever to run a mile at 129 degrees Fahrenheit… in a Darth Vader sui, lol. He was named one of Penthouse Magazine’s Top 10 American Bad-Asses of the Year in 2014.
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1:30 Jon’s start in crypto
3:00 Crypto Briefing. Search for truth
3:45 Challenges in crypto
4:11 People are motivated by money
6:22 Key lesson Jon has learned about crypto
7:00 Key questions researchers should ask
8:00 Hard to find good researchers in the space
8:46 Fundamental Analysis is hard to do
10:05 The utility conundrum
11:51 The Spec Bet
12:32 ICOs IEOs & Crowdfunding
13:54 Bad Actors in the space
15:09 Hierarchy of access to investments
17:42 Liquidity
20:36 Fractionalisation of Bitcoin communities
21:00 Bitcoin chat
25:00 Altcoin discussion. Use cases etc.
29:00 Let’s talk JOURNALISM
32:00 What is quality journalism?
35:00 The power of narratives
39:03 Builders versus Scammers
41:30 The issue of manipulation. It is real
42:00 What’s the solution to crypto manipulation
42:28 DYOR Imperative
43:47 The imperative of disclosures
44:40 Problem of lack of transparency
45:35 Back to Journalism discussion
46:40 Imperative of factual media and sourced and verified publications
47:50 Verification of Sources is ESSENTIAL
48:30 fake & bad journalism
48:50 anonymous sources: not good enough says Jon
50:08 The Block Debacle & Drama
52:25 The Block’s mistake, according to Jon.
53:30 Execution was the issue
56:00 CZ, Lawsuit threats and Jon’s take on this
57:40 Doesn’t CZ have grounds to sue? We explore
58:30 Jon says TheBlock was likely not malicious in their error
59:34 More no the Binance backlash
1:00:00 not a sound strategy for CZ, says Jon
1:00:50 Provocative conduct by the Block?
1:01:37 CZ & Elon Musk correlations
1:02:00 Good faith mistakes
1:02:50 Trumpian approaches
1:04:00 risk of unbacked reporting
1:06:15 China and Exchanges
1:07:11 Subjectivity concerns
1:07:50 Ethics and Ego are 2 different things
1:09:40 The power of clickbait
1:11:00 The Block has the right to any subscription model they wish
1:15:00 M. Dudas discussion
1:16:00 Can Mike ever distinguish his views from the Block as CEO?
1:17:36 Other Crypto Bigshots
1:19:43 vetting, disclosures and sourcing content
1:20:00 The Block’s backers. Coinbase ventures & that 25k
1:29:00 Quadriga Article
1:30:00 The goal is to support reform
1:32:00 CB’s mission
1:38:55 Bitcoin. Long road ahead
1:40:31 Researchers are NOT Journalists. Influencers are NOT Journalists
1:41:31 Jon’s closing statements and points. Crypto media Jon likes/endorses
1:44:30 The crypto media outlets Jon does not like or support
1:45:00 Closing statements & conclusion.
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