Just A Bitcoin “Bear Market Rally”?

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  1. Schiff is correct, anyone with a lot of money doesn't want this speculative risk with too many variables. Its much easier to sell calls. than gamble on this garbage.

  2. Make a list of all the problems with bitcoin and get it all in one spot please. Like old bitcoins don’t cost the same as new and also how it’s super slow and the lightning strat and the peer to peer channels are shitty work arounds

  3. Schiff NEVER gives a on overall, global perspective on the crypto space.
    Even at this stage, he always classifies crypto as "internet funny money" for hard-core nerds only.

  4. Yeah, 3Speak looks awesome. It's the first Steem dapp I know of where people can login with their FB, Twitter or Google account and start earning Steem instantly. No buying an account upfront or waiting for weeks for Steemit Inc to approve your account. It takes care of the biggest bottleneck Steem dapps have had for the longest time. Exciting times. 🙂 Plus the videos themselves load up fast, I've had no issues actually using it. Something that's a rarity in the dapp space.

  5. Hi there! I'm not sure, but it could well be that you're talking about Howdoo(dot)io with their UDOO-token? Since that is a platform enabling content creators to earn their FAIR SHARE (!) in revenue, unlike other platforms. Take back control, I would say ! And to others: yes, take back control as a user, too – there is no need to remain "the monetized product" , make sure to control what you want to share, and what not! Privacy first !

  6. Voice is running on EOS = The more users on Voice, the more EOS they need to support the traffic = Demand = Higher price.

    The EOS token is like a piece of land – You own it and you can then use it yourself or rent it out so others can use it.

    I've supported you for a long time due to your unbiased and explanatory way of sharing information but please be careful with saying things like "no use for X coin" before doing your own research

  7. This same Peter Schiff is at the moment in the Bilderberg meeting Switzerland with the Bank of England, Christine Lagarde, The leaders of JP Morgan and many others. It will be interesting to see if the ramp up the 'Bitfuks' or reduce the 'Bitfuks' after the meeting. If a dump falls to 6k many people including myself will help catch it. (I myself want it to dump, I want to buy more, I will never own enough Bitcoin before it rises). Thanks Crypto Daily.


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