Justin Sun has announced that a huge partnership is coming for Tron. Will it be Samsung? A lot of people speculate that it will be. Tron is also working with the Blockchain Education Alliance to help teach the younger generation about blockchain. Where does Tron rank in comparison to EOS, Ethereum, & others?

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  1. Holding a little TRX. I like TRON and think there is some decent potential. The network seems legit with the dApps up and running. Hook me up with the giveaway ?


  2. I love Tron and been holding for a long time because I believe in their 10 year roadmap. I think people are underestimating the power of their network and when the next Bull Run officially happens everyone should look out for this one. TVVCPnQds7kUqPjCRnWTEbJPfUyjMyvfdj

  3. I've hear that developers enjoy Trons platform as they can transport a game development over from Ethereum and Tron is total compatible and even better tools! Perhaps comment if you find that true!

    I bought more at .01257!


  4. I think that TRX has a lot of users that already love to use it! It has also been around for a while. I believe tron will do well. There are a lot of undiscovered use cases. The liquidity still has some room to grow too. Though the project has been plagued with controversy TRX has proven itself as a solid blockchain! Overall I like the project. I wish JS would sit in the background a little more!!

    Side note you cracked me up with the Eye Holes!! It reminds me of the Rock and Morty episode with EyeHoles!! ?


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