BlockchainBrad speaks with Kardiachain co-founder Hung Nguyen about a “Blockchain of Blockchains”. We talk Dual Node & Scalable and interoperable blockchain platforms for decentralised applications! Kardiachain believe Blockchain can create equal opportunities for people, a world where people have access to opportunity to invest, to start a business, to work and to be socially mobile. Their technology, the team explain, seeks to empower mass adoption, expand use-cases and set forth new foundations for a strong blockchain ecosystem.
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0:06 Intro
0:45 CEO Overview
6:12 Dual Nodes
8:09 Kardia Smart Contract Markup Language
11:15 Partnerships
18:20 Use Cases
21:30 Revenue
23:40 Utility of Token
28:40 Consensus
32:05 The Raise
40:30 Roadmap
41:20 Exchanges
42:05 KAI IEO?
45:10 Wrap-up
Interviewee: Hung Nguyen
Hung is a seasoned investment analyst in London with years of experience working in finance industry at Nomura, Japan largest investment bank and later at Elliott Management, one of the world top ten largest hedge fund.

Tech & Features
BFT dPOS consensus provides more security, faster confirmation and lower cost.
Dual Master Nodes have access to the ledger data of two chains simultaneously (KardiaChain and another chain of choice) to receive transactions between external chains and KardiaChain ledgers without compromising anything from both chains.

Non-invasive connections to transfer both asset and data between any participating blockchain and Dapps.

Seamless blending of private and public blockchain solutions to attract wide-range of users

Kardia Smart Markup Language (KSML)
The ultimate tool for developers to create smart contract on KardiaChain without requiring significant learning curves or any prior experience.

Use Cases
Supply Chain Management
Fully Decentralised Cross-chain Exchange
Smart City
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  1. can you interview zeepin deepbarinchain trinity and most NEO icos? all they did was to make a wallet past 2 years. you supported every one of them with your interviews. u shud interview them again and check the progress.
    do your job with integrity

  2. I did this interview so that we can learn more about who the team is behind the Kardiachain. We can also learn more about what they are trying to achieve by hearing from one of the co-founders, Hung Nguyen. Hope this helps, sincerely Brad.

  3. This was 100% free and for the crypto community to learn more about KardiaChain. As a teacher in my previous job, I want nothing more than to provide us all with the best quality information and education so that you can get information from the source of these startups. I hope this helps, Brad. You Sub, comment and likes are really valued.


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