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On the show this week The New Kids On The Blockchain chat latest crypto news with Litecoin (LTC) Booming , EOS price collapsing since announcement, BTC news as a good hedge against world economic problems , Cardano (ADA) Shelley launch and Facebooks new Crypto Currency launch , due June 18th.

We also chat to David Siegel about macro economics and how Bitcoin may not be the answer to inflation, as we’d previously posted a meme about.

Crypto 4 beginners also share part three of cryptos for newbies segment about trading on exchanges.

?NEWS ROUND UP (BTC, EOS, Facebook, Litecoin and Cardano ADA)?

?From Techcrunch – Facebook plans June 18th cryptocurrency debut. Here’s what we know

Facebook plans June 18th cryptocurrency debut. Here’s what we know


?From CNBC Bitcoin is becoming a safety trade in this market, says crypto bear Peter Boockvar




New Report Finds DApps Useless – EOS Users Are Mostly Bots

?FROM NEWSBTC – EOS Collapses in Spite of Coinbase Earn and Voice Announcements

EOS Collapses in Spite of Coinbase Earn and Voice Announcements

?FROM COINDESK – EOS Startup Block.One Is Using Its Billions to Buy Back More Equity



?FROM CCN – Litecoin Hashrate Skyrockets amid Rumors of Next-Gen Miner Availability



FROM ALTCOIN BUZZ – Charles Hoskinson Hints About The Launch of Shelley Testnet for Cardano




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  1. 2D checkerboard
    (on 3D chessboard)
    Analysis w/ false axioms
    … essentially a banker’s
    arrogant attempt at
    counterIntel…. ALL OF
    PARADIGM … and you
    “Kids” are ‘brand-liable’
    for disinformation ?

  2. ADA & EOS are by far the best Crypto projects in the whole Crypto sphere. Anyone that say anything negative about EOS or ADA is 100% an ETHEREUM token holder and too tribal. We need to support all crypto projects in the space and not spread hatred and respect each project. We will find ourselves using all these tokens and their utility for different use cases and the more successful a crypto the better for the other projects. So please can you all change you're paradigm and start supporting the space not just your favourite ticker.

  3. There are benefits to a fiat system but a mismanaged fiat system causes problems I live in a country that came off silver in 61 and now we lost 99% of the currency buying power. But my question is if that monetary policy helps or worsens an economy does having a second fall back point in trade and storing value would be bad? To have a second system in place that can be used in certain cases as means of settlement alongside the inflation-deflation based system. Have people use it based on the advantage or disadvantage they percieve. What would be the implication if we indeed have that? I personally dont own much gold I own silver due to diversity of potential use these past months after looking at other information I dont think it will go back money.

  4. Ok so listening to the economist guy was good but he said a few things which didn't make sense to me. 1: In a recession the amount that landlords can charge will go down. People who are here to work will start to reconsider if they want to stay, families are more likely to share property rather than live apart & the cost of paying rent will be out of a lot of people's range due to less work. There will be empty property if they don't addapt rent price.
    2: Most businesses & peole don't yet accept Bitcoin or crypto because government has forced their currency on everyone using force (look at the liberty dollar).

  5. That David Siegel obviously doesn’t understand how badly quantitive easing and Keynesian economics hurts everyone as a whole who isn’t a elite sitting at the top. He’s a moron and socialist ideals he talks about have proven to be a failure in real life testing. I’m sure he’s read many many economy books written by fellow Keynesian morons. Find better people to bring on.

  6. Cardano is running on ONE single server for over 2 years now. I bet adaconnecters don't even know that… Without a testnet…and despite that, Hoaxinson is rather working on ETC and now even Polymath.

    Cardano is vaporware. It is incredible how someone can push something like this to 10th spot in CMC with nothing but empty promisses that get broken one after another for years now, and even publicly admitting he is working for more and more other projects. The manipulation reached "god" level.

    Hoaxinson is not called "a snake" in the space for nothing. IOHK contract expires in a year. He will try to pump the price on empty promisses and dump his adaconnect on the most gullable. Facts? They are changing their roadmap again. Why? Aren't they able to keep up with their own plans? Everybody expected shelly announcemet on the recent iohk summit – instead of that, more empty promisses. More facts? He has been kicked out of eth and bts, unonimously. Even more facts? Look at the infighting at etc from when hoaxinson stuck his fingers in… Want more? Hoaxinson is repeating the word "decentralisation" while adaconnect is still running on ONE single server with NO dapps developing on it (the only one – sp8do – already jumped to eos). Peer reviews? Dedalus wallet got those…and still not working and taking ages to sync.

    Should i even go on? Shelly q1 2018…shelly q2 2018…shelly end of 2018…shelly q1 2019…shelly on iohk summit…shelly end of 2019… 2 years of shelly release streaching!? And those were promises about the shelly full release, not just testing. The reality is they havent even begun testing it. Do you really can't see he is playing the "boiling frog" manipulation? And keep in mind that shelly is only for staking, Cardano still won't have the functionality for smart contracts.

    Still not enough? There is one ultimate clue…Look at Hoaxinson shitting on his "competition" at every occasion and you will very easily see…….fear. More and more people are seeing through his BS and jumping ship. Competition is light years ahead. Even iost has dapps running on it already for god sake.

    And for those who will now repeat the usual hoaxinsons "thats just their opinion" shi* – those are FACTS, not opinions. An opinion would be me saying – "Mongolia? Hoaxinson probably gave a million to that poor government to play along, so he can hype some more before dumping. Whats next – Wadiya??". Notice the difference?

    And if all thats still not enough to open your eyes…please just hodl adaconnect and let evolution do its shi*…you actually deserve to be scammed.

  7. Do you guys even use the tech or check your sources? Low liquidity across all cryptos is the basis for high volatility in this space. Whales can easily move the market. Litecoin is highly volatile as it is DOWN 89% from all time high while EOS is down 71%. Cardano your pick is down more than 93% from all time high. All of these assets are speculative and so it's a gamble on picking the winners and losers. These are facts. This piece miseducates while shilling a product that has not launched such as Cardano which is HIGHLY risky. Great production quality though.

  8. What a load of hogwash elitist brainwashing by David, inflation is a taxation on the poor. put money in bonds. lol. trust me, i am from the government. The reason for great depression was not because of gold., the reason why governments fix price on gold. learn Gresham law david. this was the worst interview ever in crypto. I am going back to Trevon James.

  9. bullshit talk – who has the money to put into stocks and also many people need to take it out, because of market manipulations and rising rents etc. … to put money into stocks etc. means you won't ever touch it till you take it out at the right time at the end of your lifetime … life changes so often and it is never the right time to take the money out of the stocks … done once, because your life changed (getting parents or losing job etc.) you are out of the race and never will never reach that comfortable situation again … it is only a model, not suitable to the lifes of billion of people – it is easy to live that model, if you have a big amount and don't need to take out a big amount at special moments – if you have time to sail through those bad times, without the need to buy food and minimizing your standards, it is fine, but that is not the situation, "we are all in" … he doesn't understand the life of 90% of the people, but wants to put a model on them. waht he calls stimulation was shown centuries as manipulation in the good of the rich and used agains the poor – against 90% of the population – we need to get id of those model players – stimulation is good, but not with the peoples money … maybe with 1 single tax to fill a basket for the govs, but not giving them the oportunities to hair cut all your money on the banks or forcing people into depth. he is only talking about btc … who understands cryptos, knows, that there is a big connection to solve all his "problems" with btc, ltc, dgb and some others … he is single minded, because he only see his 1 model


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