Litecoin foundation produces Hollywood film – We Summon The Darkness. Reddit Set To Roll Out Reward System Based On Ethereum. Ben Askren, former Ultimate Fighting Championship promotes bitcoin halving. Why Bitcoin’s Halving Might Not Boost BTC’s Value This Time Round. Ripple’s Xpring Rolls Out Smart Features to XRP Ledger | RippleNet in Thailand


Why Bitcoin’s Halving Might Not Boost BTC’s Value This Time Round

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  1. Historically, significant gains in BTC dollar valuation have not taken place until at least 12 months following the halving. With the $trillions giveaway by the US and other governments, with the subsequent inflation/devaluation, these factors combining should set the scene for an all time high of maybe $50-80k in 2021.

  2. That’s cool that Ben Askrin is promoting bitcoin. He’s a smart guy but also a mouth. Mention worthy ok. News worthy? I guess a microshift towards mainstream although I don’t think many people would know who Ben is in the first place.

  3. Is LTC still viable? It has survived a long time but why own it compared to XMR or BTC itself? If I want crypto as "money", why LTC? I'm down to buying btc, eth and xmr. Grabbed a few ltc lately but I'm reconsidering owning it at all. I own ltc, xrp, ada, xlm, junk, crap,shit,garbage, neo,scam coin too!… Why the ef not lol?…

  4. ben is a nobody, he fought twice and got destroyed because he's a one dimensional fighter
    its too bad we couldnt get conner or kabib didnt to do this

  5. Hey stop telling us the price of Bitcoin and the crypto market cap. Everyone who watches this checks the price of Bitcoin before watching this and we don't care about the market cap.

    Apart from that appreciate your work. Thanks.

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