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Let’s talk about master nodes.

Master nodes are more than just another way to invest in an alt coin. They allow you to be an integral part of the improvement and advancement of that coin.
By holding a master node you have the ability to vote on proposals meant to improve the coin. You also are taking an amount of that coin out of circulation, this helps to increase demand by reducing the supply.

The very concept of masternodes has long term value in its core. The investors who have masternodes are the investors who have put their money where their mouth is and have chosen to commit to that coin for the long term.

Holding a master node benefits the investors also. In addition to seeing capital gains by just holding the coins, you will also be paid in that coin. Payouts can occur anywhere from multiple times a day, to weekly or bi-weekly payouts. If you invested in a master node before the coin really starts to take off then your profits can increase exponentially.

I should note that there are some potential downsides with masternodes that you should be aware of before taking part in one.
They are vulnerable to DoS attacks if they are hosted on weak hosting accounts.
If you invest in a master node at the peak price, the chance you’ll get a decent return of investment can be bleak if the price drops.
The more masternodes that are created means a reduced revenue. However, more masternodes also means a better spread of the servers, which increases the security of the coin. More master node holders also means an increase in votes for proposals that can benefit the coin.

There are only a handful of coins that offer masternodes, I suggest looking into
Dash, PIVX, and Crown.

The price of dash increased roughly 300% in the past month and has been holding steady just around $100 per coin. But it’s PIVX and Crown coin that have been making huge positive moves most recently. So if you’re looking for a coin that offers a master node and is starting to gain traction, I suggest checking out PIVX and Crown on your own and decide for yourself. Article:

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